• What do you think of when you hear the word "figurine?"
    Superheroes, action figures, science fiction monsters? Perhaps you remember playing dress up with your favorite doll? Getting little prizes inside your cereal or snacks? The winning prizes at game centers? Tiny cartoon figurines on your cell phone strap or on the end of your ball point pen? Sculptures that hold your glasses on the nose of your favorite character? Ornamental statuettes? Even life size displays?。 All of these are "figures" in the broad sense of the word. (At least as the word is used in Japanese.) Some of these figurines are able to be posed to be as expressive as any living thing. Others fascinate fans by morphing into unexpected shapes. Even static figures have clothes and hair which appear to be fluttering and whirling in the wind. Accessories are even created and look like miniaturized versions of the real thing. The sheer breadth of these creations is extremely diverse.
  • At Sawada Kobo, we create the prototype ('genkei' in Japanese), the 'original' toy or sculpture used to make molds for mass production and color reference.
    At a glance, one might think all the intricate details are created using a computer. However, most are created by hand, by a sculptor, called 'genkeishi'. ( 'genkei' means original, as in prototype, and 'shi' means master or craftsman.) Most 'genkeishi' may specialize in a specific genre, type, or size. However, at Sawada Kobo, we have detailed knowledge and first hand experience in various manufacturing processes, materials and design. We are not limited to a specific genre, type, or size. We do it all!
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